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Welcome to the Santa Monica High School Boys Soccer Program

  1. Player Eligibility:
    Must complete Athletic Department Packet to be cleared to play.
    Packet Information and forms may be found at
    Please turn packets in by Tuesday, October 15, 2013.

    - Must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA overall

  2. Grades:
    - You are a student first and must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA overall.

    - Anyone below the minimum GPA requirement will not practice or play, will be assigned study hall and may be dropped from the class.

    - Student and parents are responsible for being aware of grades posted on Illuminate.

  3. Grade for Soccer Class:
    - Every six (6) weeks players will be given a grade based on:

    Participation - - On time, dressed, and actively involved in drill or scrimmage
    Coachability - Listens and follows instruction from coaches and captains
    Sportsmanship - Respectful to teammates, coaching staff, opposing team, and officials

  4. Communication/Absences:
    - Missing practices or games without a valid reason is unacceptable.

    - Students (not their parent) are responsible for communication with their coach. If a student is going to be absent the student should email, call or meet with their coach prior to missing a practice or game. Absences will affect a student's grade and playing time unless they are excused by the coach.

    - If a student misses practice (non-emergency) the day before a game, he might not start or play that game. If a student misses a game (non-emergency) he will not start and might not play the next game. Please be aware of December tournaments dates as missing these games may affect playing time and/or team assignment.

    - Since students often miss their 5th period class for away games, it is important that the student communicate with the teacher ahead of time that class will be missed and get any necessary work.

  5. Transportation:
    - District school bus transportation is normally provided to and from soccer away games during soccer season except for the December tournaments.

    - All students and parents are expected to abide by the district's transportation policy to and from soccer activities (i.e. practices, games and tournaments). The policy includes that students NOT drive other students and that parents complete the district requirements to be a volunteer driver before transporting students other than their own.

    - Parents must sign the Extracurricular Athletic Practice Transportation Form for students to participate in off-campus practice if the school does not provide transportation. Soccer practice is often at John Adams Middle School fields and school does not provide transportation.